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Replica Shop Fronts

Some businesses may require a secure shop front to protect their high-quality products. Our installations make the shop safe from any type of harm; whether it’s rammed by a vehicle or it’s attempted to be burgled, it will stand tall and mighty. The shop front can include a security door and bullet proof glass to protect valuables inside.

Fort Security Shop Front With Motorised Lock And Transom


Businesses with high-value goods are often in the need of an airlock, which is why they contact us. We design and manufacture premium airlocks with the option of bulletproof glass to ensure that your business is well protected from any type of intrusion. This includes common weaponry, ballistic weaponry and heavy-duty equipment. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your business.


Some homes have gardens or indoor swimming pools so bi-fold doors are must-have accessories to go along with them. The bi-fold door is fully tailored to your home as it can have as many sections as you want, it can open in different ways and it’s not just burglar resistant, but it can even be bulletproof. The whole stainless-steel structure can be covered in any type of wood allowing it to blend beautifully into your home.

The stainless-steel railings can also be pushed into the ground or left up depending on your choosing. The metal wheels are able to withstand a force of 500kg whereas competitor plastic wheels only withstand a measly 100kg. In addition to this, our wheels are locked into place with a unique mechanism, making the chances of derailment non-existent and making it impossible for them to be removed from any angle making it the ultimate design.


Our specialists are highly trained with years of experience in the industry so you can freely speak to one of our engineers or consultants who will then provide you with the full details about our high-quality products and why you can trust us.
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