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Even though we manufacture the greatest security doors, we pride ourselves in producing safe and secure windows of outstanding quality. We have made sure that there are no weak areas in the windows by testing them thoroughly against multiple threats such as burglars, fire or ballistic weapons. There is also a bulletproof glass variant as an option for added security.

Fort Security offer to produce replica sash windows to install into heritage buildings. This means that the elegance of the previous window is captured and strengthened to produce a high-quality sash window. The glass is tightly sealed by a strong steel frame, similarly to submarines, blocking even the strongest of attacks.

The frame is then submerged in a casing of wood, giving it a delicate finish in order to look natural. With the choice of bulletproof glass, our windows can easily withstand attacks from drills, crowbars or bullets making it extremely tough and resilient.

The more modern homes may prefer to have casement windows installed which can provide a simple and modern look whilst being extremely secure. Casement windows can also be implemented into businesses for extra security.

We can make the window open in any direction that you need and can also come with concealed hinges which add extra security against break-in attempts. They also have a multi-point locking mechanism. These can withstand crowbars, hammers and drills. With the extra of bulletproof glass, they can even withstand, according to BS EN 1522, a class threat level of FB4.

As well as sash windows and casement windows, Fort Security offers safe skylights to bring in natural light into any room, uplifting it and giving it sense of life instantly. This is extremely useful for offices or living rooms where more light is needed to bring it to life.

The skylights can be various shapes including flat, pyramid or even a bespoke shape. They are also able to open in different types of ways. For added security, we are able to use bulletproof glass so that you feel safe and secure.


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