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Fort Security give the greatest customisation choices for safe and secure doors which can be installed into family homes or businesses. We offer immense protection from break-ins, fire and smoke, sound, and ballistic weapons. Any choice of design can be implemented onto the door, from the inside or outside. We truly believe that safety is the number one priority when manufacturing these products.

We are able to replicate any door design onto a security door to either preserve their historical attributes or so that it looks like the previous one due to regulations of the council. We strongly believe that it is vital to save the heritage of homes for decades to come and therefore we are the best option for you.

However, it doesn’t have to be just for old homes as we can replicate any shapes and patterns of new doors so that it doesn’t look like anything has changed with your home. We handpick our glass and locks for every single door to make sure that it is identical to the previous one and that it fits the regulations of conservation area or British heritage.

Fort Security creates and design contemporary doors which fit into modern houses exquisitely. We are able to match the outside of your door to the environment around it so that it doesn’t look out of place and the inside can be tailored to the living space such as walls, flooring and furniture. These quality doors can be considered pieces of art in the way they appear to both the inside and outside of your home.

Any type of shape, design, glass, or ironmongery can be used on the door allowing countless combinations and making each door one of a kind. The door does not need to be constricted to the standardised dimensions, allowing you to choose any type of shape to suit your needs and it is completely tailored to your choice.

Any type of material or paint can be used on the door; painted or unpainted woods, stainless steel, fluorescent colours or matte colours. We offer a range of veneered MDF including mahogany, oak, beech and walnut; in addition to a choice of Okume woods which are varnished and lacquered. This diverse choice of materials can allow you to obtain the ideal door for your home.

Business owners may feel the need to fortify their workplaces and therefore decide to add our commercial doors to their premises. They are just as secure as front doors and have extreme strength against any type of attack from burglars. These doors are made out of thick, solid steel so that they meet fire regulations. They can have a fire escape push-bar so that it is simple to complete a swift exit if required.

We are able to create office doors with the appearance of a standard door but with the strength of a vault. These can be made with the same finish as the previous ones so that it appears as if nothing has changed or they can be completely redesigned to update an outdated door. They meet all of the safety regulations which are required by the government.


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